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McLoughlin Environmental Science

Patrick W. McLoughlin, Ph.D.

Dr. Patrick McLoughlin is a pioneer in the development of environmental forensics using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis and other analytical tools. With a diverse background in chemistry, mathematics, and communication, Dr. McLoughlin has taught a generation of environmental scientists how to resolve complex environmental contamination problems using novel tools and approaches. He has developed geochemical sampling and analytical methods to obtain environmental data. The integrated systems Patrick designed and built collect data, assess, and document the quality of the analyses that produced it, and present it in usable forms to data validators, electronic data specialists, and environmental project managers. Patrick’s contributions to environmental literature and regulatory guidance documents made the application of environmental forensics accessible to the industry by utilizing integrated data to provide unambiguous documentation.



MES was formed to help realize the power of geochemical analyses. Through years of work with laboratory clients, it became apparent that many site professionals had a wealth of valuable data about their sites, but did not have the resources to interpret that data. MES is an insured, limited liability corporation that wants to help you do just that!

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